Monroe County Library

When we buy large collections, we are limited to what we can actually purchase and sell. So, the excess books that we get, we usually donate to the local library, or other charitable organizations. Contact us for more information.

Caveat Emptor

When customers ask us how to determine a price of a book, we tell them to be aware of all the different websites, and listings of all different editions of a book. Prices are not always set in stone when it comes to selling or buying on the Internet. Thousands of used booksellers are selling online, and they use auto price changers that are programmed to usually lower prices on a daily basis. So, always check a price daily, and look at the other major book selling websites. The most popular sites are:,, Biblio, Ebay, and many more.

Who buys Estates ?

Even though we buy mostly books, we are always interested in other media like Vinyl records, Eclectic DVDs, Audio Books, Art, and other Collectibles.

Contact us by calling 812-345-2490 for more info.

Where to donate books in Indianapolis ?

Indianapolis, Indiana is just a short trip down the road that we’ve made many times picking up lots of books from homes, estates, libraries, businesses, and others.

The best collection donated to us came from a retired math professor who taught at IUPUI for many years. We don’t mind taking on a donation of a 100 books or even 1000s. We just can’t get enough good books.

Have A Question About Donating Books?

Give Us A Call if you have ANY questions at all. We’d love to learn more about the books that you are donating.

Call us at 812-345-2490

Where Can I Drop Books Off For Donation?

Indiana Book Buyer is located at 223 S Pete Ellis Dr #26, Bloomington, IN 47408.

Where can I donate books in Bloomington ? like libraries, takes certain donations. If you have a scholarly, academic book library, we will gladly take it off of your hands. We take all kinds of science, math, engineering, philosophy, and collectible books. Give us call. at 812-345-2490. We can come to you and quickly remove your unwanted books.

We are located at 223 S. Pete Ellis Dr. #26, Bloomington, IN

Who buys theology books ?

We are in need of purchasing or taking donations of scholarly theology books. We recently acquired a large collection of University Press Theology books from a local seminary school. If you have good religious books to get rid of, then give us a call. We take donations from churches, schools, pastors, libraries, and more.

Indiana Book Buyer is located in Bloomington, IN. 47408 For more info: