Where to donate books in Indianapolis ?

Indianapolis, Indiana is just a short trip down the road that we’ve made many times picking up lots of books from homes, estates, libraries, businesses, and others.

The best collection donated to us came from a retired math professor who taught at IUPUI for many years. We don’t mind taking on a donation of a 100 books or even 1000s. We just can’t get enough good books.

Have A Question About Donating Books?

Give Us A Call if you have ANY questions at all. We’d love to learn more about the books that you are donating.

Call us at 812-345-2490

Where Can I Drop Books Off For Donation?

Indiana Book Buyer is located at 223 S Pete Ellis Dr #26, Bloomington, IN 47408.

Indiana Book Buyer is located in Bloomington, IN. 47408 For more info: info@indianabookbuyer.com